Max Tech is the most efficient, convenient, and effective IT support we’ve had. They are easy to get a hold of. Being a restaurant that is open 7 days a week. We appreciate their flexibility.


Office Manager, Elcharro USA

Maxtech has been our IT support team for over 3 years now. They are very knowledgeable and have a quick response time to repair any issues we may have.

J.J. Hotchkiss

Owner, Electrotec Contracting

Full Service

Network Setup

Get your business running efficiently with easy file sharing, building wide wireless internet, inter-office chat, linked programs and more.

Multi Tier Tech Support

From excel questions, to exchange server setup and diagnosis, we can support all levels of question for your employees fast and efficiently so they can get back to what they do best.

Fully Managed IT

Get your brand new computers along with full I.T. support for as low as a minimum wage employee. Basically, we will be your full service I.T. department.


Websites can be a consistent burden, especially if you have frequent promotions, updates, and sale items. Let us handle the day to day changes on your website to keep your message current .



**Be aware that we do not support all our clients websites. Please find our web design portfolio for samples of our website clients**

Managing Capability

One of our many capabilities is being able to monitor the health of your system before health becomes a problem for your business

  • Quick setup on your devices
  • Comprehensive reports outlining your results
  • Multi tier packages to fit every business
  • Off-site backup & Antivirus included (certain packages)
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  • Managing Capability
    • Why Use A Full Service I.T. Company

      Managed Services For Every Business

      Outside tech support can be held at a higher standard and we welcome that! Hiring an employee to work on IT can be difficult when you feel like they are underperforming, or breaking things rather than fixing them. We ask all our clients hold us to the highest standard we do ourselves. You won’t be disappointed.

      Hiring outside of your company for IT services will save money from the burden of a full time IT person in house, or having you office manager do it and lack on their main priorities. Studies have shown employees with 1 job without having to jump to other activities perform better thus making more money for the company.

      Being a outside company handling all your IT needs, you don’t have to deal with any employment forms, training, handbooks, reviews, etc. We get a write off-able payment to help your company while you save some trees and headaches.

      When you hire a low level tech to work with your company full time, you’re stuck with that one person. When hiring us, you get multiple tiers of people dedicated to helping each other and helping your company get the most out of your IT. Basically hiring us at a tier 1 cost, gets you a team dedicated to your success.